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Dedicato alle lavoratrici Omsa

Che festeggiassimo la Befana, era scontato. Abbiamo scelto la vignetta di Nuele perché è proprio questo spirito che vogliamo quando diciamo: uomini amici delle donne!

giovedì 5 gennaio 2012 13:48

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    Saucy – I like! Maybe it is, but he27;&1#8s also really easy to get along with and I know his pretty lights shine just for me. I shall keep up with the posts my friend! It is addictive
  • Honney 02/05/2016 alle 17:12:15 rispondi
    "Gennedun, the band's timing was spot on.There is a protocol in place for toasts on State ocusisons."Jcat out of curiosity (since I don't know it myself), what is that protocol, and how did he get it wrong?
  • Destry 13/05/2016 alle 12:37:01 rispondi
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  • Dorothy 21/05/2016 alle 23:08:26 rispondi
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  • Daveigh 29/05/2016 alle 07:49:42 rispondi
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  • Jenn 30/05/2016 alle 21:34:11 rispondi
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  • Avari 02/06/2016 alle 06:56:43 rispondi
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  • Veruca 10/06/2016 alle 08:25:32 rispondi
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  • Mircea 24/06/2016 alle 14:59:35 rispondi
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  • Keiwan 02/07/2016 alle 10:33:21 rispondi
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  • Jesslyn 02/07/2016 alle 15:35:36 rispondi
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  • Marni 21/07/2016 alle 06:37:36 rispondi
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  • Luck 25/07/2016 alle 17:27:58 rispondi
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  • Tilly 26/07/2016 alle 12:52:16 rispondi
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  • Rayonna 11/08/2016 alle 13:36:43 rispondi
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  • Tibbie 20/08/2016 alle 02:48:46 rispondi
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  • Chuckles 20/08/2016 alle 08:06:45 rispondi
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  • Jayna 21/08/2016 alle 03:28:17 rispondi
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  • January 25/08/2016 alle 06:45:01 rispondi
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  • Stone 27/08/2016 alle 19:30:14 rispondi
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